Nicolás Guagnini
The Panel Discussion, The Tennis Match, and A Bodegón

May 13 - June 30, 2011

Consisting of:

(1) A painting commissioned to Greg Parma Smith. The painting features, counterclockwise, the following seven titles: Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares, Dos Fantasías Memorables, Edicom, Buenos Aires, 1971; Julio Cortazar, 62 Modelo para Armar, Editorial Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 1968; Cesar Aira, The Literary Conference, translated by Katherine Silver for New Directions, New York, 2010; Fernando Sorrentino, Siete conversaciones con Jorge Luis Borges, Casa Pardo, Buenos Aires, 1973; Cristianismo, Doctrina Social y Revolución, an anthology published by the Centro Editor de América Latina, Buenos Aires, 1972; Octavio Paz, Chuang-Tzu, Ediciones Siruela, Madrid, 1997; José Lezama Lima, Esfera imagen, Sierpe de Don Luis de Góngora, Las Imágenes Posibles, Tusquets Editor, Barcelona, 1970. The painting was made with oil paint on an aluminum composite panel in 2011; it measures 43 by 58 inches. Parma Smith decided not to show the wear and tear on the books, choosing to represent them in an idealized form; he will partake in the profits of its sale.

(2) Seven standing wooden figures in military attire, measuring approximately 12 inches in height, commissioned by Guagnini from a caricature woodcarver in Michigan. One of the figures is pointing at the painting.

(3) Three seated wooden figures, slightly larger than the standing figures, commissioned by Guagnini from a caricature woodcarver in Arizona. They are, from left to right, an American publisher and art dealer who owns his own business; a well-known German artist, currently employed by a German University; and a well-known German professor of art history currently employed by an Ivy League university.

(4) A facsimile edition of the original catalogue produced for the Degenerate Art exhibition mounted by the Nazis in June 1937 in Munich, published by the University of Wisconsin in 1972, displayed on a table easel next to the seated figures. A note: The wear and tear of the original edition has been reproduced in the facsimile edition with painstaking accuracy.

(5) A 20-second loop soundtrack edited by an undergraduate student under Guagnini’s supervision, using fragments of the audio gathered during a tennis match played by Portuguese player Micaela Carolina Larcher de Brito in the 2009 French Open.