Ishiuchi Miyako — Here and Now: Atomic Bomb Artifacts, ひろしま/Hiroshima 1945/2007—


Nicolás Guagnini & Leigh Ledare — Ana and Carl and some other couples


Ellen Brooks — Photographs and Tableau Reliefs from the Early 1980s

Paul P. — Escritoire Nancy

Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists' Scrapbooks


Georgia Sagri — TWO: Drawings by Georgia Sagri

Ricardo Valentim — The New Typography

Rey Akdogan — Silent Partner


Dash Snow — Movie List

Harsh Patel — Whiteness: Zulu and Zulu Demon City

FORM LESS PAINTING — Karin Schneider in collaboration with Heidi Ballet, Charles Broskoski, Egan Frantz, Dena Yago and Damon Zucconi

Nicolás Guagnini — The Panel Discussion, The Tennis Match, and a Bodegón


CRASS: Selections From the Mott Collection

Keith Haring — Subway Drawings 1981-82


Asher Penn — Hebrew Paintings

William E. Jones — Punctured

Ishiuchi Miyako — Sweet Home Yokosuka 1976-1980

So Be It: Interventions in Printed Matter

Dear Max, Dear Ray, Dear Vince


Karin Schneider — Maniac Vicious Circles

Keizo Kitajima — Back to Okinawa 1980/2009

Built to Survive the Real World — Curated by Neville Wakefield


Power Structure — Curated by Nicolás Guagnini

Lewis Baltz — 21/21 The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California

Leigh Ledare — Pretend You're Actually Alive

Miyako Ishiuchi — Clubs Courts Apartments


Nicolás Guagnini — 77 Testicular Imprints

For Towa - Peace From the East

Robert Heinecken — Image as Object

Ben Talbert — You Can Have It If You Pay

Cyanide and Sin: Visualizing Crime in 50s America


Watanabe Katsumi — Gangs of Kabukicho

Nicolás Guagnini & Gareth James — Break Even

Associations: Inscribed and signed photographic books
Makoto Aida — Picture of Mountain Stream and Others

1968: All in a Dream

Ellen Brooks — Vintage Photographs from the '70s


Collier Schorr — Jens F.

Gil Blank — Photographs

Ellery/Brown — 136 Points of Reference

Iliazd to Andre: Highlights From the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry

Jay Batlle — Epicurean Drawings

Aleksandra Mir — New Designs: Birth, Death and Abortion


Devendra Banhart — Drawings

David Wojnarowicz — Rimbaud in New York
Power, Corruption and Lies
Lovett/Codagnone — Obliquities

Mario Sorrenti — Draw Blood for Proof

Promo: Fashion Publications from the '80s and '90s

Aglaia Konrad — Effort Square


Mark Gonzales — Shopping

Joseph Beuys and Marcel Duchamp — Multiples from the Chaplick collection Beuys c’est la vie
Tadanori Yokoo — Vintage Silkscreen Posters 1965-1978
Pat Pickett — The Effect of Wind on Trees

Robert Adams — Commercial/Residential

Nobuyoshi Araki — ABCD

After and Before: Documenting the A-Bomb


The Complete Run: Highlights from the Chaplick Collection

Daido Moriyama — '71-NY


Marco Breuer — Observations in Color

NEWfirstInitial: Defining Moments from Fluxhistory


Tadanori Yokoo — Photo-Collages 1960/2001

A Selection of Books From The Book of 101 Books: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century

Roger Newton — Hypnotize

70s Photographic Book-Works

Mollino — Apotheosis


Marco Breuer — Tremors, Ephemera

John Gossage & Hermann — Vogel Empire

Leon Golub & Nancy Spero — The Fighting Is A Dance, Too
Walter Chappell — Vintage Photographs 1954–1978

Witness: Photographs of Lynchings From the Collection of James Allen and John Littlefield


Wallace Berman & Robert Watts — Arranged Marriage

Shomei Tomatsu — Provoke: Rare Photographic Books and Photographs

Vera Lutter

Roger Newton

Ed Ruscha & Robert Adams — Vintage Photographs and Books