Associations: Inscribed and signed photographic books

September 7 - September 16, 2006

An exhibition of rare, inscribed photographic books with highlights from the library of Peter Bunnell. To coincide with the exhibition, Andrew Roth has published Associations.

Associations is comprised of various components. First, it’s a catalogue of rare, inscribed photographic books. Most of these are from the personal library of photography curator, historian, and scholar Peter Bunnell. As a way of introduction, Kevin Moore, Princeton alumnus and author, has written a short biography of Bunnell from the perspective of a close friend and former graduate student.

A little known treasure, the photographic and literary collaborations (pairings) produced by Jonathan Williams and his Jargon Press is investigated here by writer Vic Brand. In addition, Brand has compiled a thorough bibliography of all Jargon titles that feature photographic contributions.

And lastly, I have conducted an interview with the book merchant Harvey Zucker, who, single-handedly and despite himself, established the out-of-print, rare photography book market at his legendary Soho store, A Photographers Place. It was the first of its kind; nothing has replaced it since it closed in 2001.

Together, these texts are intended to add to the rich and still largely untapped history of the photographic book, not only in an attempt to broaden the market but, as well, to expand our historical vision and add to its future. And there is something else. Something about these three men — Bunnell, Williams, Zucker: each in his own way was an adventurer, a pioneer; each succeeded in making an invaluable contribution to the history of the photographic medium; each love and respect the book.