John and Judy

Alissa Bennett

Andrew Roth, PPP Editions, and the Broadside Club present John and Judy, a new signed, limited-edition publication by the self-proclaimed historian of bad behavior Alissa Bennett. As a precursor to her forthcoming PPP Editions publication Dead Lots Volume One, and on the anniversary of Judy Garland’s one hundredth birthday, Bennett interviews author and songwriter John Meyer, Garland’s last lover before her marriage to Mickey Deans and her untimely death. Meyer, who published Heartbreaker, a 1983 memoir of his romance with Garland, here recounts, under Bennett’s tender scrutiny, various key anecdotes from their time together with fresh insight. John and Judy also figures into Bennett’s obsession with the trinkets and personal effects of celebrities that trade at auction; Bennett notes, “I usually find myself most drawn in by the relationships and objects that play throughout a celebrity’s life in minor keys. . . If I can get close enough, maybe I will find something that I didn't already know. Maybe everything will suddenly make sense."

John and Judy is the third publication in an ongoing series of broadsides. It follows David Levine’s Some of the People All of the Time (2019) and Leigh Ledare’s Between a punk and Picasso 2019/1998 (2019). The Broadside Club takes its inspiration and exact format from INSTEAD, an artist-produced broadside series from the late 1940s.

*On the occasion of this broadside launch, we are discounting the first two volumes in the series.

PPP Editions, 2022

Limited edition of 180 copies plus 20 APs, signed and numbered.

Vertical oblong folio, 13-1/2 x 5-1/4 inches (folded), 27 x 20 inches (unfolded); printed digitally on an Indigo press, recto and verso; housed in an illustrated, stiff-envelope with wafer and string closure.