The New Yokoo Times

Tadanori Yokoo

A 20-page newspaper published to coincide with the 2001 exhibition. Formatted after the pages of the New York Times, The New Yokoo Times is a spoof on current affairs seen through the filter of an altered consciousness, with a distinct absurdist bent. In one collage titled “Who Cares” featured on the Editorials/Letters page, we view an image of a seascape. Large in the foreground is a group of 19th-century Japanese women lounging in striped swimming suits, adrift in a boat. Behind (and heading straight for them) is a group of American tourists in leisure wear, packed into a speedboat on a fishing expedition. And in the distance, yet a third vessel, an antique clipper is speeding across the frame through shark-infested waters towards a swimmer dashing by as if in a race. The headlines read: “Managing the Yokoo Incident,” “The Battle Over Money in Heaven,” “Gravel Sushi,” and “A Time of Testing.” The texts are appropriated from the New York Times and various Japanese tabloids.

PPP Editions, 2001

Edition of 2,000 copies. 

Limited edition: 100 of 2,000 copies, signed.

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